Man decided to file for divorce after he took a closer look at this photo!

Now that smartphones have built-in cameras, it’s a piece of cake to take a photo and instantly share it via WhatsApp or Snapchat.

This is exactly what a couple from Portugal did every day. One day, however, when the woman sent the above photo to her husband, she didn’t realize that she had made a huge mistake, with drastic consequences.

Her husband was furious …

Iris didn’t see her husband, Tomas, often. Being an insurance agent was a busy job, and he traveled all over the world. Tomas was good at his job and had already earned and saved a lot of money.

To show his love for Iris, he wanted to surprise her with something. After all, she always supported him, even though he was away from home so often …

The couple had been married for more than two years and only saw each other on weekends. Both knew that these weren’t ideal circumstances, but that was just the way it was. When the two were together, this topic would regularly cause them to clash.

One night, Tomas was once again sitting alone in his hotel room, and he made a final decision: This could no longer continue. He would, therefore, resign from his job at the end of the month. That way, he could be with Iris much more often.

Tomas didn’t think it would be a problem for him to find a job closer to home, especially with his experience. He would look for a job with “normal” working hours and days.

With the money he had worked hard for over the years, he now could afford to take out a mortgage andbuy a nice house. He could see his future all laid out in front of him …

Enthusiastic as he was, Tomas had a hard time not telling Iris about his plan immediately. But it was almost weekend, so he would see Iris again soon. He could wait.

It was Thursday afternoon. The working day was over for both of them. However, Tomas was in Paris, far away from Iris. Fortunately, the two could send each other various messages via WhatsApp.

They told each other what they were going to do that evening and so on. It seemed to be a normal conversation … until Iris sent her husband the above photo. Although it appeared to be a normal snapshot of his wife on her bed, Tomas noticed something that shook him to his core.

He took a closer look at the photo and then burst into tears. Open next page to read more